New Zealand.  It is located on the pacific ring of fire. We have many volcanoes and geothermal activities.


Last week or so, we have been getting few news of volcanic activities. Mt. Tongariro, which is located in the North Island of New Zealand, erupted first time in 115 years. It did not cause any major damage, though it is still causing concerns. Will it erupt again?

White Island, Bay of Plenty, has been showing lots of activities.


Undersea volcano near Raoul Island might have been erupted as well.


It is not a coincident, I think. They must be all related. The earth is starting to make her move. Plates around New Zealand is shifting. Something must be emerging by these activities.


I do not know if I should not be excited. But I am pretty much excited with these news. The mother Earth is preparing for her shift. It will cause few unsettling things, but it is all happening according to the big plan.


Watch the space, eh.