My in-laws. They are so lovely together. They have been married for almost 60 years. 


Current situation made them separate. One is in a rest home care. One is in a hospital. 

My partner and I have been visiting them regularly. Each asks how the other is doing. And their eyes are watery. Tears come down on their faces. They lived together for long time, and recent years they have not been apart. It must be very difficult for them not to be with the other half. 


It is hard to see them like this. Life. Old age. Situation changes and unfortunate things happen. At this tender age, they should be happy together, not sadly separated.


I am sure they are soul mates. Their caring attitude toward each other is so humbling to watch. At the same time, it is sad to watch. 


We are trying to get them together again. Sooner the better. Who knows what happens next day, so I would love them to be together as often as possible.  


Such a blessing to know them in this life time. I care about them like my true parents.