I am getting better at surrendering. 


I used to panic when things get tough or unexpected events appear in front of me. I used to get so upset and agitated. Panic! Even small things became major, life threatening event. I was sweating small stuff all the time.


Now I am changed person. Things do not bother me much. I have learnt the art of surrendering. It is so simple but very empowering. I trust the universe more than ever. With the trust in the Universe, surrendering becomes so much easier. 


Yesterday, I was faced with some difficult situation. I did not panic. (A year so ago, I would be running around worrying……lol) 

I just said to myself  

“Well, I am sure this situation will get solved just perfectly. I know that the Universe is perfect and our life is perfect. No need to worry. Will get sorted.” 

Then I imagined the perfect outcome, said thank you to the Universe, and went to sleep. 


This morning, solutions are coming my way. No need to worry. No need to know how to solve it. I just surrender to the Universal order. So perfect 🙂


This Trust=Surrender thing needs a lot of practice to master. It took me good 3-4 years to get to this level. Still sometime I am good at it, sometime not so. I always consciously remind myself. 




Let go


Everything is perfect now. Things happen at the perfect timing and divinely perfect way. We are all perfect. Just love this feeling and enjoy the perfection of this Universe 🙂 🙂