We, humans, take things for granted. We do not really think about things around us. We do not take notice of little things surround us, till they are gone. Consciousness is switched off and we sleep walk everyday. 


Today my partner had to go away and look after in-laws. He decided to stay there for few nights, instead of travelling back and forth. All of the sudden, I am alone with my son in my house. I feel like a single mum. It does not happen often, so it feels quite weird. 


Things he does for me and my son, like putting out washing, doing dishes, taking son to school, making me a cup of tea……. list goes on! He does a lot around in our household. I think I take his help for granted. It just became routine for him to do his bit. It is not like I do not take notice, but I sort of stop thanking everything he does.


Oh, dear! 


I realised that I am not showing my appreciation and gratitude towards him and things he does for us. One day he is not here doing what he does, I suddenly felt great appreciation. Oh dear. I have been taking him for granted!! 



Thank you my partner for being there for us. I forget to thank you sometime, but I very much appreciate all the things he does for us 🙂 Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.