Everyone radiates different energy. It is very unique and powerful source of our soul. 


I noticed that when I work on people, I get different response from different people. Even I do the same thing, the result differ each person and each time. This is because we all radiate different vibration. 


I had a session with this client who is open to spiritual matter and quite in tune with her own energy. When I am with her, anything goes! I get to access different energy and vibration. Today the session was so intense! I sensed that the energy I was accessing is totally different and it has much higher vibration. I felt wave after wave of this high vibration coming in. I know this was different from the energy I normally feel. It was much much strong and high vibration. I do not know what it was, but I know it was pretty awesome 🙂


I do not send healing to anyone. It is not one way healing session, me doing healing on the person on the table. Instead I work with the person. It is two way exchange. I connect with the energy of the person and he/she responds to the connection. Whatever need to happen in a session would happen. Just enough healing for the person. Just perfect for the session.  I believe this two way energy exchange. So when I work with a person with higher vibration, I get to access much higher energy. Because it is two way, a person would access just the right amount of healing. It works beautifully. 


I like this two way exchange. I get to experience something special each time. I get to grow and learn something new each time. Each person has something to share and offer. I am blessed to be a part of this circle of exchanges. One plus One becomes One. So perfect 🙂