Currently here in New Zealand, we have a touchy subject of Water. Who Water belongs to? 


Our government wants to sell some shares of state-owned enterprises. People are protesting against this sale. Maori people are fighting against the sale, they claim waterway belongs to Land. It is getting quite complicated and ugly. Politicians are working hard to win our votes. 


I am not interested in political agenda. I am not really worried if the government decides to sell NZ assets. The government won’t listen to people anyway. 

What I am curious is that…….  why argue about the ownership of Water? Water. The mother earth provides us with plenty of water. It does not belong to anyone, does it? The Earth generously supply us with Water. We are blessed with her water. No one should claim the ownership, right? Nature is there for all of us. We use it wisely and we can all benefit. 


It is scary to see people fight over the right to own/use water. Are we sucking all the resources the Earth freely provide to us? Are we using the natural resources for profit and destroying the Earth for return? 


I wish the government and people can see the bigger picture. Profit making, economic growth, more material possession…….ugly side of human beings. These create separation and competition.


I am looking forward to the new earth where people are equal and no one “owns” things. Sharing and corporation will replace competition. We can all share the resources the Mother Nature provides us so kindly. She is such a beautiful soul, she won’t say “no, you cannot have it any more”. 


Open the eyes! Our Earth is still flowing her Water for us to use! It is time for us to stop having stupid arguments we see in media like who owns water, and start considering we are just travellers residing on the Earth and borrowing her resources.