My partner and I have been commuting to see my in-laws last few weeks. My mother-in-law is the main care giver for my father-in-law – Mr.forgettable and not steady on feet. Since last week my mother-in-law started to suffer more with her osteoarthritis. Two fragile elderly people living alone. And they are about 1 and half hour away from us. It is easier if they are close to us, but this is just the way it is. We commute and try to help them as much as we can.


I feel great empathy with them. I would like to just stay with them and help out. We all age and we all go through health problem sometime. As younger generation, we have duty to respect and look after the elders. 


Made me think what I would be like when I get to 80. I wonder if my son will look after me. I would love to be as healthy as I can be and still mobile then. I do not know. No one knows what next day brings. We need to appreciate the health and mental capability we have now. We should be grateful for mobility. We never know when we lose it. 


Aging and unavoidable mortality. 

Bless the day. Today is not just another day. Today is the special day. We only have today, present moment to live fully. Present moment is the gift we treasure. We cannot worry about future unknown. We cannot worry about the past regrets. We just need to live Today. 


I am grateful to be able to chat with my in-laws and look after them as much as I can. I treasure the time together….