I love going for walk. When I have time and the weather is nice, I go for a walk. My dog loves it too. I often go to the farm nearby. Or I might just go for a walk around the neighbourhood. 


What caught my attention is that, so many rubbish on streets. It might get blown away from rubbish bins. It might be someone thrown away from cars. The amount of rubbish I see on the street, or even rural area, I get upset and feel sad. Sad for our Mother Earth. 


I do not know why we Human treat the Earth so badly. She provides so much for us, gives us food, minerals, water, air, nature etc……. She does not demand anything for return. Then, we Humans destroy her beauty as return for her generosity. She must be such a patient being!! 


Sometime I carry bag to pick up the rubbish I see during my walk. Something I can do to help the Earth clean and beautiful. However some rubbish I do not even want to touch. Why people dump used nappies on streets????????? 


Rubbish on streets. Rubbish on beaches. Rubbish in the ocean and mountains. What are we doing to the Earth? 


She is so patient. She is so generous. She is still looking after us the humans even though we treat her so badly. It must be the time we start treating her differently and appreciate what she does for us. We should be grateful for her and she is not fed up with us yet.