Books. They tell a lot about a person who read them. 


When I see a person’s bookshelf, I can sort of understand who they might be. Book titles give you lot of hints – what this person might be interested in. Lots of gardening books? Cooking recipe books? Sports? Nature photo albums? Biographies of political figures? Historical events? 


I went to this lady’s house. Her bookshelf was like mine. She had many books I have on my bookshelf. Once we got talking, we clicked. We shared the same interest, the conversation just flew so smoothly. Even we met first time, we were like we knew each other for long time. 


I have few bookshelves scattered around the house. One is my treasure shelf. All my favourite books are on it. Another one in the kitchen –  for my recipes. One is for my partner. Lots of music, travel and history books. My son has a bookshelf with loads of pokemon stuff, Harry potter books etc….. most of his recent books/magazines are scattered on the floor. This shows a personality, eh. 


Books. Glorious books. I love them. My collections are growing. My books give me encouragement, motivation and direction. They are my treasures.