A half of 2012 is now gone. We are getting closer to the magic number 21.12.2012. Are you getting excited? 


Since the shortest (or longest) day of the year, the universe is in the top gear, sending us a lot of energies. Accelerating energies – keeping us push forward even more. 


I feel that things are settling down even though a lot of things are happening around us. Feels like after a storm and dust is settling. We got rattled around quite a bit, and now things are finding right spaces. We do not know what is ahead, but we know something is there. Something exciting. Something amazing. 


For me, I am finding my purpose is getting clearer. Why I am here. What is my role in this universe. My doubt about “am I doing the right thing?” is quickly disappearing. I trust my inner knowingness and my current life is heading towards the right direction (whatever it is…). 


The storm which caused a lot of chaos is gone. 

We are still going through the cleaning process. 

And the dusts are settling. Things are getting clearer. We can almost see what is ahead. 


Excited for what is to come. We do not know what. We do not need to know. No expectation but anticipation. Clear view is just around the corner……