I like walking at beach. It is soothing for my body, mind and soul. It is soothing for my dog as well. She love chasing seagulls and sniffing all sorts of things. 


Listening to the waves. Nature’s rhythm. The relationship between the Earth and the Moon. Ever changing tides. Just amazing.


Recent bad weather brought many many seaweeds and shells from the water onto the beach. I wondered where all the shellfish go. 


Along with seaweeds and empty shells, I notices so many plastic products along the beach. Tangled amongst drift woods. Plastic container, wrapping, plastic bags, empty snack bags etc…. Sad sight. Humans just throw away those things without thinking where they would go. 


I watched the documentary about the world plastic products in our ocean and they are causing such hardship to sea creatures. Choking them to death, more or less. 


It is nice to walk on the beach. And it makes you think about the environment……