It is like a communication. Two way street. 

If you want to receive anything, you got to give something. 

When you give more, you receive more in return. 


However, you cannot be thinking about “receiving” while you are giving. It is not genuine. 

You just want to give generously. Give from your heart. Pour your love into it. 

Then you will receive good things in return. For sure. 


I am very much thankful to all my clients for letting me to give what I love giving. I enjoy giving massages and healing. The bonus is that I get paid for it. I get paid for doing what I love. Such a great feeling! Clients thank me for sessions, they tell me they feel so good. I always thank them back, saying “I feel good because you feel good. It works both ways”. It is win-win situation! 


You cannot receive without giving. Give generously from your heart. Open your heart and send love to all. You are one happiest person in this planet 🙂  Spreading LOVE does not cost anything!  You gain so much more.