It is very important for us to feel grateful for everything. 


I am reading the book called “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne. You know the lady who wrote “The Secret” book.

She talks about Law of Attraction and being grateful brings us happiness. We can create more and more of what we want by being grateful for that. 


Anyway, in this book, she suggests us to write 10 things we are grateful for. Write a list of 10 for 28days. By doing this, we will be ever so grateful for every minute things around us. We will find everything is worth our attention and gratitude. We cannot take anything for granted. 


It makes sense. I am doing this exercise for less than week, and already finding it brings more appreciation for everything in my life. There is nothing I feel wasted. Even negative situation is positive in disguise. This exercise made me think that we most of time take things for granted. Until things go wrong, we would not notice a wee bit. Like, we would not think about and be grateful for electricity till we have a power cut. 


Being a lightworker, I am so so grateful and feel blessed to have people who I can share my light, my talents and gifts around me. I am ever so thankful for those people who somehow managed to find me on the net or through friends. I am so so grateful for being paid doing what I love doing. This is just so wonderful, you know. 


Every day, I feel I am polishing my rough edges and becoming rounder person. (Not physically, fortunately) 

Every day, I feel calm in situations where I used to get so agitated and annoyed. 

Every day, I find more little things make me happy. 

Every day, I feel blessed being alive and reincarnated in this time. This life time. I can take part in the mother earth’s great evolution. Our ascension. We are so blessed.