My life has changed so much. 


I am not afraid to be myself now. I do not want to wear a mask to ‘fit in’ or to ‘be accepted’. I am proud of being me – my soul self. 


I cannot lie to myself any more. Things brought me comfort are not comforting any more. People who I thought were good company are not the same any more. Changes in life brings me lots of discomfort or emotional shakes. However, these are necessary part for my growth. I am learning many lessons. I have more knowing who I am and why I am here now. 


I am getting stronger each day. I stay focused on the big picture and stand tall and proud. 

Stay strong. Stay strong in your power. Do not get deterred by what other people tempt you to believe. Be true to your self –  your soul. Be proud of who you are. 


I am just giving myself a pat on the back 🙂