Things has been changing. I cannot pinpoint what they are. I just know things are different from a month ago, few months ago, a year ago, and even since a week ago. Not just things. People. Environment. Life. All changing. 


When we change, we might feel a little odd with friends who used to hang around with. People change and suddenly we do not seem to resonate each other. 


This lady I met few years ago. I thought she was wonderful and I liked her as we had something in common. I enjoyed her company. However, this year and more recently, I started to feel a little ‘odd’ whenever I saw her. She started to worry about money and economy. Her generosity shrunk a bit. I can only describe this as she went from higher dimension to lower dimension. I do not know if she changed or I changed. It does not matter. We just do not click any more. I feel tight chested being with her now. 


I guess it is unavoidable we lose some friends as we move through our lives. It is not good to keep a friendship if our gut feelings say “it is time to move on”. We need to let go of things which no longer resonate us and serve us good. 


I feel that it is time for me to adjust my life, and move on to the next phase of my growth. I honour myself more now. I do not want to stay at the place where I do not feel good and love. I am true to myself and do not want to lie any more. 


Sorry my friend. It is time for me to move on…..