I saw a friend of mine yesterday. She needed a good chat. 

She has been having a trouble finding a good full-time work. She is so keen to find some sort of work to pay her living cost. This is going for almost a year now. She has few part time works to survive. Survival in the largest city of New Zealand! Not a good situation. She is obviously not a happy girl.


She came to New Zealand with a big dream back in last August. I encouraged her to keep the dream alive. If we can dream vividly, we can achieve it. We just have to believe it is truth and we can live the dream. 


However, she is a kind of girl who does not trust her own talents. She does not think she is good enough. Whenever we talk about a big dream, she goes..”yes I would love to have a job like this BUT…”.  She started selling herself so cheap and end up with part-time work she does not enjoy. 


It is sad to she her suffering. She had two occasion she thought she got a job but turned out otherwise. She is giving up her dream. I give her my support, be a listening ear, and sending lots love and hugs for her to feel better about herself. 


I know that her misfortunes are her own making. The sentence with big BUT in it does not create a good result, isn’t it? BUT BUT BUT!!! I do not like this word! Negative feel to it. 


It is sad but (oooooooooooops) true. We make our own misfortune. Our thinking creates the outcome. We really need to think about what we think about, eh.