When I was working on a client today, I got this idea/message in my head. 


“We need to look after our bodies in order to cultivate our spiritual growth.”


Idea I got was that we are living in third dimension and we have our physical body. In order to live with harmony in this world, we need to have a good healthy body. Without it, we cannot even start our soul journey to go beyond third dimension. We need a good foundation to be able to access fifth dimension. 


This came in as I was thinking about this client – who is very spiritual yet has physical pains. I thought for a moment, if she has pain in her body, how can she remove herself and focus on higher dimension. 


We are souls with physical bodies. We still need to maintain this earthy vessel to live here. Eventually we will ditch our dense weight, but at the moment, we still have bodies. And they need to be able to function properly. Sometime, we focus on our spiritual side (mental and emotional bodies) more and neglect pure physical side. 


Be friendly to the body. Then Spirits will come to you and want to reside in the happy container.