We all know we are what we eat. We eat healthy and our bodies feel good. Eating good balanced meals, lots veges and fruits, less fat, less carbo etc……so many dietary advices you can take in. When we want to be healthy, we focus on the food we eat. Healthy diet = healthy body. 



how about your mind?  Is it healthy? Do we have healthy thoughts? 

I think that “health” does not only apply to our bodies, also applies to our mind. State of our minds are also important to live healthy lives. Our bodies might be in a good condition, but when our minds are suffering, I do not think it is healthy. 


I just thought that…….what do we feed to our minds? 

Positive thoughts, creating thinking, imagination, visualisation, affirmation…..something makes us feel good is healthy for our minds to digest. Give our brains positive Buzz to create healthy minds. 


I find it is interesting to ponder on this subject…..