My heart had been closed tight for long time. I do not remember when or why, but sometime in my teens I must have closed it. It could be much younger… inner child tells me this is the case. 


As my heart was closed, I had difficulty sharing my emotions. I could share anger or frustration easily but love and joy were hidden from others. I even hid sadness and tried to look and stay strong in front of others. 

I am learning to soften my guard. The lock on my heart is broken now. I am mellower than before. I do not feel anger much any more. I feel my heart is open and be able to share the love it generates. I do lots of meditation to focus on my heart chakra. Open my heart and radiate Love and Joy. It was so difficult for me to do this before but it is getting easier and easier. 


It feels nice to feel my heart. I am not afraid to show my emotions. I can cry, laugh and have fun. Showing gratitude feels fantastic! I can feel it. I know I am radiating lovely warm energy. I wish I can see the colour of aura around me. 


Last night, I heard a message. Out of nowhere, I heard this.

“I love you and always will.” 


With this message, came tears. 


I do not know why or what this means. I just received it and felt my chest filling up with emotions. 

If this happened before, I would try to hide it and held straight face. But I have changed. I was feeling the message with my whole body and I had little tears running. I felt beautiful. Beautiful to be able to feel and be with the emotion. This is what my heart enables me to experience. 


Open the heart. Radiate Love and Joy from it. Surround yourself with Love from the heart. It is beautiful feeling.