I am wondering 

how people measure their values. 


To measure, we need to compare with something else. We need something to measure and compare against. But our own value is quite subjective. One person might think $100 is expensive and another one think it is cheap. Someone’s rubbish could be someone else’s treasure. You cannot really compare one’s value system against another, right? 


I used to get freaked out by comparing my outcome against others. I worry about I am not doing as good as others. I worry about I am total loser. Worrying about what others are doing and what others might be thinking about you, there is no way out. You just sink into a mud pit, struggling to climb out. You will never be good (clever, beautiful, rich etc…) enough! 


Then I started to think, who is judging? No body was judging me with others. I was the one who was judging my own experience against others and felt bad about it. Once I realised that I have been creating my own illusion of “failure”, I felt relief!


My own experience and my own feeling cannot be compared with other’s. Everyone is unique and each one of us are brilliant in our own way.  We just cannot compare one another. Because we are so unique! 


It is so easy for us to create illusion and get caught up with negative thoughts. Our thoughts can make havoc in our mind and our dear egos will feast on it. Realisation – accept what is as is – frees us from so much baggage we might carry. 


We are sparks of light. Let’s shine our light! We are Divine Light of the Universe 🙂