My parents worked hard. They worked 7 days on their own businesses. I grow up watching them work long hours and not enough time for much leisure. This stuck with me and my idea of “work” was working long and hard to earn decent income. Hard working = more money. My working life has been similar to my parents. I have been working long hours and working hard. This was my norm.


Now I am learning to change this thinking pattern and work more smartly. It is not the quantity, the quality of work matters. I need to learn to enjoy the down time between work. Actually enjoying a day off or two doesn’t kill me! It doesn’t say I am lazy at all!! 


I had a very lazy day today. My only booking got cancelled and I ended up snuggling in a blanket watching DVD all afternoon. I haven’t had this kind of day for a long time! I felt very lazy but I think it is a good thing to do every now and then. 


I sense that now is the time for nurturing. Quiet time to restore my energy and strengthening for the new growth. I also feel that the ground work I have been doing is start to see the light. This is the time for final preparation. The Universe is giving me enough resting time for me to focus on myself, nurturing and honouring myself. I feel that soon I will have more work to do for others and I need this quiet time to be ready for it. 


I am ready! I am ready to step into my role I am here to take part. I am ready for the opportunities where I can utilise my skills to help others. Meantime, I am enjoying this quiet moment 🙂