I have been re-organising myself lately.  If you are reading my blog, you would know my ups and downs since the transit of Venus. This put me into the situation where I need to re-think and re-focus my life and my soul destiny. 


I think I have side tracked a little some how. I have been busy living daily life, doing day to day 3 dimensional stuff. You know – work, pay bills, cook dinner, doing washing and kids, dogs etc…..  I was placing my focus on those small mandane stuff, rather than looking at the big picture. 


I woke up today, decided to revisit my original self. I started to think back why I got into the art of healing. Why did I even want to learn massage and reiki healing? Why did I start my own business? 


The answers to those questions got me to align my focus to match my soul calling. I did not start my business on purely monetary view. I was more focused on “giving”. I wanted to share my gift and wisdom with as many people as possible, and if I can make slight change to someone’s life for the better, I would be so happy. This was the reason why I wanted to do healing as my main vocation. I believe that money would come when I need it and I am provided sufficiently by the Universe. 


Once I sorted my intention, my life is back on the right track. I met lovely couple today and they were so grateful for the relief I gave them. Looking at the couple’s eyes, I just felt pure joy. Pure JOY – money cannot buy this. Thank you, the Universe, for answering my questions. Thank you for directing me to my divine path. 


I am here to share my gift and wisdom. I am here to let people realise that they have their power of self-healing within themselves. I am here to activate dormant self-healing ability. The reason of my existence is becoming much clearer to me now.