Life situation.

All sorts of dramas and upsets coming at us. We get sad, upset, and emotionally drained with those dramas in our lives. 


Ups and downs in our lives. They are there for a reason. They are here to teach us valuable lessons. Our higher selves organised these events for us so that we can learn and grow. All is going well according to the Divine Plan. 


I am looking at the big picture now. Small emotional bumps and hiccups I feel every day. They are necessary part of the big picture. Even with knock backs I may receive, my focus and attention/intention is on the right path. Still hold the intention I always carry, I am now able to manage my dramas well.  I have faith in this Universe and the Divine order. I am playing the part I am here to fulfill. I trust that. 


Looking at the big Divine plan. I have more positive energy and light. I am on the right path.