Oh, the transit of Venus! 


The Venus – Divine Feminine energy – somehow caused me to go through deep deep clearing. All sorts of emotion coming up, bombarding me with emotional roller coaster. I am faced with difficult life situations so that I can go into deep clearing and deal with what need to be dealt with. It is necessary for me to face this tough situations the life throws at me. I have lots to learn and lots to clear. It is very hard. I am so drained. I feel so tired and depressed. But I know this is very much a part of the Divine plan. My higher self planed this. 


Testing time for me. 

Testing my trust in the Universe. Testing my trust in my own gifts and talents. 


Getting knocked down creates self-doubt. My self-esteem is long time LOW. 


I still hold a hope. Hope to see the light at the end. I need to go through this emotional roller coaster so that I can come out on top and see the light again. Reignite my own light. 


I surrender. 

I observe.

I believe this is a part of the Divine Plan. Perfect as it is. The plan for me to face the difficult situation and still hold the hope of Light. My light is not extinguished yet. My divine Light is still there. 


I believe that this is a process of clearing. Removing deep seated fear and doubt I carried so many years. It is the time to step forward. It is the time to remove my karma shells which no longer serve me. I will emerge. I will step in to my true self. 


I hold on tight, believing and trusting the Universal Divine Order. Let the LIGHT shine again.