I was just writing an e-mail to my friend, describing the emotional roller coaster I am going through.


With the new energy coming from the Universe, with the change is happening on the Earth, we are going through quite a challenging time. I think most of us are feeling ups and downs lately. Clearing blockages and limitation we are carrying. Getting ready for the new dimension. 


I started describing the feeling of “swirling around” with all sorts of influences as a linen being washed in a washing machine. I get tossed into a washing machine, then stirred around so hard, spinning and spinning till I do not know where I am. Everything drained out. 


Then, when the washing is finished, we get out to the Sun and let the Sun dry us clean and smelling good! After the ordeal, we come out as clean, crisp, and smell nice piece of linen. 


I suppose everything works out OK in the end. Right?