I woke up this morning surrounded by lovely energy. I never felt this way. I certainly never woke up like this. It was like I am cocooned in a warm, lovely and light filled energy. It did not come from outside though. It felt like all coming from inside of me. Light from the heart centre was pouring out and surrounding me……so to speak. 


I did not want to move. I just wanted to stay in bed and feel this energy all day. I laid there for good an hour, just feeling. 


When I focus on energy, I get tingling sensation starting from my palms and feet and then spread out to other parts of the body. My palms act as the sensory antenna for me. I have been having quite strong sensation here. It used to be just heat and tingling. Now I can sense more movement. Energy circling and waves go up and down. I can feel vortex there as well. I am not sure where the vortex leads to, but it feels powerful enough for me to notice something is happening. 


When I work with energy, I feel waves of different vibrations. Some is so so high vibration I cannot really hang on to. I would love to practice holding onto this high vibration. It just too powerful for me to stay with it at the moment. I know when I feel this energy, I am connecting to something special. I hope to get to know this vibration well soon.


Me, my palms and vortex. Creating special energy around me. I will go to bed and visualise the lovely feeling again. I hope to wake up in the bubble again.