When one’s mental state is out of balance due to stress or uncomfortable life situation, we tend to feel it on our physical body. Our body start to tell us by the way of pains, aches, fatigue and illness. 


I have been seeing this client for a few weeks now. She works in the very stressful environment and works long hours without proper breaks. Her workload itself causes her stress but on top of this, she has one person in the  office who wants to pick on other’s mistakes and make them feel so little. My client is a target of this person’s abuse. Everyday, she suffers. She knows that she should be strong and try not to play the person’s game. 


I have been doing lots of physical and mental healing with her. Showering her with positive affirmations and giving her some sense of comfort. I listen. Let her talk as much as she would like. Talking to someone always helps to release some tension inside of us, right? She is handling well but still need to keep working on. 


I have said to her that if you let this person control you, then you are giving away your power. Your inner power is the only thing we can hold onto in a dire situation. A person might try to influence you in a bad way, but if we stay strong and centred, this should not affect your inner calm. Hold on to your inner peace and inner strength. 


Sometime, our life situation gets tough and we struggle. We feel everything is so so damn hard and cannot see the way out. If we can change our look on a life situation even a little bit, we might see a light in the darkness. I know it is hard. But I know we can change things around with our strength and power on our side. 


I learn so much from my clients 🙂 Bless.