Oh dear. 

The transit of Venus brought up loads of stuff for me to deal with.


On the day, I had a group meditation with few of my spiritual friends. We could not see the actual transit due to the bad weather. We gathered together, putting out our intentions, and meditated. The energy we shared was amazing. I felt the strong connection with the mother earth. The earth’s core energy was expanding rapidly, enholding every beings on the planet with this warm energy. I got told we mean to breathe in this energy to uplift our vibrations.


Anyway. The day after. I just had a shit day. It was the lowest of the low I can remember. If one more thing pushed me, I would just burst into tears…  I wanted to hide and cry but I could not as I was working 😦  The feeling of worthlessness, not needed, not loved, not be appreciated came about strongly. Just came coming at me.


I gave a SOS call to my friend and she came around to see me. She went into my records and dealt with the issue. We did inner child healing for the time allowed. (We sat in the park freezing cold!) She thinks the negative emotions I was feeling on that day comes from my childhood in this life time as well as so many lives before. I need to heal this child to be able to clear away the emotions.


It is hard one. I cannot really remember my childhood. I know my parents are not emotionally attached. I cannot remember getting a hug. I cannot remember being told I am worth it. I look sad in my childhood photos. I must have been quite a sad child, not really know what hit me and did not fit in. It must have been a difficult child to raise for my parents! I understand why they behave the way they do now. I forgive for what they could not give me and understand them more now. I still need to comfort this inner child of mine to be able to feel completely I am worth the million! 


I am going through the process of clearing. Very deep clearing. One layer at a time. Painful but necessary. I am sure I will come out on top of this and ride the waves of high vibration I am getting from the Mother Earth.