I went to see Men In Black 3 today with my family. I have not been to a cinema for a long time so it was very exciting to see 3D movie in a big screen. I love movies. I should do this more often. 


Watching a movie about Alien invasion made me think. This kind of theme was considered as “fiction”. Visitation from aliens, time travel, light language, space prison on the moon, conversation about the 5th dimension…….   

Is it fiction? 


I used to think Sci-fi movie as imaginary entertainment. I love this genre. It shows possibilities you never know. Gives you wider perspective. Widening your view point. 


I do not think it is fiction anymore. It is non-fiction. It is real. It is Truth. We have been just ignorant of the Truth. 


It would be so nice that, through movies, people are more open to accept the existence of extraterritorial races are out there. We are not alone.