“Have you done anything for yourself lately?”


This is what my friend asked me today. Good question!! 

I give her and her partner massages every few weeks. She is very intuitive and I get a lot of (channelled) messages from her. She has been encouraging me to move into my light. She gives me guidance and support. Wonderful person. 


She just looked at me and asked the question. She sensed that my energy has depleted and I did not have ‘the shine’ I normally have. I guess I looked a little dull. I thought for a moment for my answer. I had to say that I had been busy working and neglecting my own needs. Last few weeks, I felt like I was busy all the time and did not have a time to breath. What made it worse is that I was busy working for someone else not me.


I have my own business and I do love working hard for myself. It gives me joy and satisfaction even I work hard and long hours. I also have a part time work outside of my own business. I have been working long hours for this part time work and I was neglecting my own business and mental peace. This is not how I would like to use my precious time and energy! My intention is going wrong direction! I got to stop!


I got told before to honour myself. Look after my own needs. I realised that I need some quiet time to get myself centred and grounded. When I work long hours without rest, I get depleted and feel the gravitation towards lower energy. It does not matter I might not earn some pennies if I allow a day off to myself. I gain more than money if I give myself a permission to take time for my own needs. Just sit and read a book or 30 minutes meditation. That is all I need to regain my shining light. 


So, have you been doing anything for yourself lately?