I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about energy healing. This friend is a very sensitive person. She can pick up subtle things and feel the differences in energies we radiate. 


What she said opened my eyes.  

When we have a heart problem, we go and see a heart specialist. When we have a foot problem, we go and see a podiatrist. When we have a sore tooth, we go to a dentist. 

So when we feel depleted and need energy boost or de-stressing, we might go and see a energy healer. But which one? There are so many different energy healers around! How do you find a person who might be able to help with the issue you are facing? 


There are so many healers available. Spiritual healers, sound healers, Reiki masters, Reconnective healing…..to list just a few. So many modalities for so many different things. If you include all the alternative medicine, you need lots people’s fingers and toes to count them all. I am not going to attempt this. 


What my friend was saying that, when she feels she needs a guidance from the star system, she would go to one perticular person. When she needs a protection, she would see another person. When she needs a connection with the mother earth and good grounding, she would come to me. 


I never thought this way. I guess everyone has a unique talent and the talent would suit a certain situation, not every situation. Like you would not see a dentist for your foot problem! Even with so so many healers in the Universe, each one of us can offer something special to people. We do not need to compete for people to heal. We can contribute our unique speciality in achieving the total oneness.


I used to think “why I cannot do what this person or that person is doing…..they can do so much better healing than me….. “. Now I think I have a unique gift which is incomparable to others. I embrace my own uniqueness. I appreciate that I have something I can offer to the Universe. 


My connection with the Earth got a little stronger. Feeling so humble 🙂