I often drive at night for my work. Night time is the busiest time for me with my massage work. 


We have a motorway stretched along the water front here. I love driving here at night. Car lights. House lights. Orange street lights. Stars and the moon. On a calm day, it is so beautiful to see stars shining and calm water  reflecting the lights. 


I put my favourite music on and drive 100km/h. I always ask for protection so I am safe. 

Then I travel. 

I sometime feel that I am not driving. I am watching me drive. I often actually travel out of my consciousness on this stretch of road. I know it is not a safe driver thing to do (lol). But I just get the sensation of being out in the Universe. I am travelling to the stars. Star trekking. This is what I call “highway to the heaven”. (In my mind, I am playing “Highway to the danger zone” lol.) 


Lights zooming fast. I am travelling with the lights. I am travelling to the stars. Star gate is there.