I am feeling a half empty. 


I feel that a part of me is missing. I do not feel complete whole. It could be some of my soul fragments have gone for a wonder. Or it could be I am longing for a soul family. 


I know some people who met their soul family and some are fortunate to meet their soul mates. I know I have met people from the same soul group. But none them are near me (physical location wise). 


I am longing for their energy. I am longing to share experiences and just want to be with them. 


I have my family and friends around me. I am happy to be living with my current earthy family. 

But somewhere in my heart, I know I am still searching for my soul family, and want to re-unite with them. 


How can I fulfil the emptiness I feel. I know I am not alone. I am connected with all that is and supported fully. The feeling of “missing something” getting stronger each day. Is it a sign of my soul awakening? I do not know. 


I am looking forward to reunite with my soul family and one day meeting my soul mate. I would love that. I will be complete.