The concept of Yin and Yang. Two opposite coexist. Moon and Sun. Male and Female. Black and White. Left and Right. Front and Back. etc….. 


One cannot exist without another. Two elements keeping us balanced. Yin and Yang. I like this concept. 


As we are beginning to shine more and more, our lights getting brighter and brighter. With this, we are facing more challenges – more darkness appears. We do not see shadow without light. Once Light comes into place, we can see the shadow. We need to look at the shadow to be able to appreciate the Light. 


As we ascend, we might face some difficulties and clearing of old karma. Old karma or habits come back and give us some challenges before we can really embrace our light body. Those challenges give us much needed opportunity to look at ourselves and clear away any blockages which might be preventing us to move forward. 


Yin and Yang. Light and darkness. We are shining ever so brighter and soon we will be free and embrace our light bodies. Let’s move forward, Lightworkers!!