It is hard to see others struggle. Nothing to look forward to. Nothing motivate them. Living day to day. Doing the same things over and over. No joy. Just existing.

I can clearly see from the outside. Those people are not happy with their lives. They do not have “aim” in their lives. Life becomes mundane and struggle. Looking for something to fill the gap – with food, alcohol, drugs, tv…..  They seek instant gratification because it gives them a little ‘buzz’, but it does not last long.

It is hard to live someone like this. It affects whole mood in the house hold. I want to be happy and uplifted. I want everyone to be happy and live their life full to their potential. But if I face with a person who does not enjoy the life, I get sucked into this dark space he creates.

What can I do. How can I help. I know that no one can actually help change the person. He himself need to be willing to change. He lives his life without purpose. He just filling a day with routine tasks. Watching him like this makes me sad. I do not want to see him like this. Clearly he is not a happy camper. I like him to find his sparkle again.

All I can do at the moment is focus on my own life and my purpose. I am working on bringing more light in this universe. I intend to shine brighter everyday and hope the light will reach out to those who seek – including him.  This is the path I take to inspire others. I can say all the affirmation I know to get them listen and change their lives, but I would rather show from my entire body and energy that I care. As I shine my light, I hope I can guide them to the light. And I hope they will find their own light.

I trust the Universe is doing its magic. Things happen according to the divine plan. It is a part of the plan. It is perfect. I know there is a light at end of the tunnel.