It is Mother’s day today here in New Zealand. It is Mother’s day in Japan as well.


I do not have strong emotional bond with my parents. I do not think it is a cultural thing. It is just my family thing. We never hug each other. We never said “I love you” to each other. We do not show affection to each other. It sounds strange to some of you. But this is how I brought up. I do not know any other way. 


It is hard for me to tell my son “I love you”. It is hard for me to hug my son. The way I brought up made me the person I am – who cannot show emotion. I hope he knows I love him. I hope he knows I care about him. I try to show the love in different way because I cannot say it. 


As a child, we see our parents as a model. What they did to us, we do to our children, unless we consciously  change otherwise. I would love to show my affection toward my son openly and freely. However, this takes lots of courage from my side. I still have difficulty showing my emotions. I hope my son won’t face this difficulty. I hope he will become a person who can show emotions towards loved ones. I hope he break the cycle of “emotional detachment” our family always had. 


I can not say the word but I can freely express my love with my energy. My heart centre is wide open and love is pouring out from there. I will send this love to my mother in Japan. I hope she will understand.