I am going through a lot of uncertainty. 

Things are changing. And it feels scary and makes me worried. 


I am a creature of habit. I like routines. Familiarity and routines make me comfortable. I do not react to changes well. I am a organiser. I like to plan things. I do not respond to spontaneous things very well. 


Time of changes and uncertainty. It is my testing time. Testing for my trust in the Universe. I understand in my mind that the Universe is working perfectly and providing us the things we need at the moment. We are perfect as we are and our lives are perfect as they are. The Universe is looking after us for our highest good. 


I totally understand this concept. But if I truly trust the Universal order, I do not need to be afraid or worried of the time of change. This is why I think now I am going through the hard test. My whole body is feeling this discomfort of uncertainty. I do not know what is going on around me. I just do not feel “settled”. I feel like my life is up in the air at the moment. Going through a lot of processing. Processing what I have done so far, processing what I would be doing from now on. Processing who I was, who I am and who I will become.


Whatever it is, I know this is the time for me to truly trust the Universe. Trust whatever I need will be delivered. Trust my life is perfect as it is. Trust the Universe has the best interest for whole Universe, the galaxy and beyond, and we are doing our bits.


Testing time. It is really testing me.