We meet people. Some we like instantly. Some we do not get on. Some we bond. Some we feel familiar. 


Soul knows who’s who. Our soul can tell us that a person we just met had a soul connection in the previous lives. We sometime get inner knowing of “I know this person” even we just met the person. In a group situation,  we tend to make smaller groups naturally. We mix with those who feels comfortable with. 


We have soul groups. Our soul belong to a particular soul group. When we meet another person from the same soul group, we somehow click and instant bond would occur. It feels so wonderful to meet a person from the same soul group. Feeling comfortable. Feeling “at home”. We do not need words to communicate. We just understand each other. Such a wonderful feeling. 


It must be even better if you happen to meet your “other” half. Soul mate. I do not think I met mine yet….. 

But I have friends who met their twin flame – their soul mate. Two peas in a pod. I wonder how it feels to meet one. Meeting a person from the same soul group feels great. So meeting a soul mate……. I would love to find out. 


Our mind can lie. But our soul cannot. Soul is so honest. Soul remembers something our mind cannot. Soul connection is much much stronger than our physical connection in this life time. 


I want to go back to my soul family…