We tend to “expect” things to happen this way or that way.

We expect a certain result / outcome / response.

It causes a lot of pain when the result does not match with our expectation. I had lots of experience like this.

My lesson these days is not having expectation for certain outcome. Let things be. Surrender to whatever the outcome it brings.  If I am having a session with a client with a particular issue, I would use the technique I know and expect to see the result. But what if it does not happen? I would be worried, frustrated, concerned and start to think why why why?? So, if I cut out my expectation, I would be more relaxed with any result it may bring.

Take things as they come. Try not to put my idea onto something. Let myself free from any expectation. Empty the mind from assumption.

When we can master this, we are free from lots of stress!!