Everyday brings a new discovery. Every time I trust my own unique gift, I gain something more.

I act as a catalyst. A catalyst for self healing. Everyone has the knowledge to heal themselves. We tend to ignore or forget about this knowledge and ability. Healing happens within ourselves. No one can actually ‘heal’ you. You can only ‘heal’ yourself.


As an energy healer, I trigger their hidden agenda which needs to be addressed. (I do not want to use a word ‘healer’ because I do not do healing. The energy I access do the healing.  Everyone is healer!) Deep seated emotion has to come out and be dealt with. The energies I connect manage to find deep seated emotion or issues. The person receiving my ‘healing’ will be faced with unfolding of hidden agenda and clearing of any blockage.  I do not know if that is good thing…..so far the receivers felt deep cleansing happening.

Everyday, we evolve. Everyday we gain more knowledge and skills. We have more to offer to this Universe, the Earth and the fellow human beings.

If we share what we have and know

If we share our gifts freely and openly

We have no limitation.