Today, I just felt yuk. I did not have energy or motivation to do anything. I just wanted to sleep. My eyes were heavy. My head was pumping. My ear was ringing. 


Today was one of those day I just felt like hiding. I had a few bookings I had to attend, so I did that. After I finished my last client, I just went to bed for few hours. Put my lavender eye patch on, put my mp3 earplugs in, and just lie there. It was heaven! 


We need to listen to our body more closely. We need to take breaks every now and then, before the body gives up on you. I tell my clients to do that, and I find in the same situation as them. I need to take my own medicine, eh! 


It is OK to feel this way. It is OK to just hide ourselves and enjoy our own company. It is OK to feel emotional and let it go. It is OK to be just you. Everything is OK. 


Day of restoration. Great stuff 🙂