I am getting the word “Balance” often in my head recently. 


When our body goes out of balance, we feel off, ill, pain or discomfort. Balancing is the key to health and well-being. It could be the balance of physical structure eg. left-right, front-back. It could be mind-body balance. Work-leisure balance is so important as well. None of us humans are perfectly balanced. If perfect, you would be the God. Imperfection makes us “human”, I think. We all try to achieve ourselves as balanced as possible to feel good and healthy. Constant readjustment every day, every moment. 


I am trying to achieve the good balance in physical and spiritual. Physical, I mean my human body and mind. We are spiritual beings but we possess physical human bodies. We need to live in it. We need to look after it. We need to celebrate our humanness. Sometime, I get out of balance. I go towards more spiritual way and loose in touch with the world around me. Sometime, I just go lower to the 3 dimensional world. I feel so constrained and small. 


Keeping the good balance. It sounds easy but quite hard. But it gets easier as you go.