When it comes to Healing, time and space disappear. There is no limit on Time nor Space. Instant healing is possible and healing can be sent to any location. Even it can travel to past or future. 


I have been doing more of distant healing on people. It gives me more access to people from wider area. It gives me more possibility of greater healing. I am really happy with the way it is going and the result it creates. 


Healing can last. It has a ripple effect. It triggers something inside of a person receiving and gives a kick start for their own healing process. It is like a pebble thrown into a pond. The ripple will last longer the initial throw. 


My ability as a healer is constantly changing, changing for better. My skill is improving and I have more confidence in my capability. I trust more the fact the Universe is doing its wonderful work and whatever need to deliver, it gets delivered. It is so wonderful. 


I am blessed with the opportunity I come across to learn and improve my gift and ability for the higher purpose. I feel I am contributing something to greater good.