In New Zealand, we commemorate the huge loss of men at Gallipoli in WW1. 25 April is ANZAC Day here in New Zealand and Australia. Most of men went there either died or injured. It is a piece of history we all should not forget. 


I do not understand why we had to fight and defend the country we were born in. Soldiers fought for their countries. Some volunteered their service, some were forced to go. Men. Young and Old. Someone’s dear son, husband, brother, father….. each loss affects so many other souls. Mass murder. That is War. 


It is hard not to get affected by all the war stuff. I actually am very fascinated by the topic. Stories of human survival, sacrifice, tragedy, miracles…….move me so deep. Something about War – makes me sad but very interested. Being a japanese, I cannot help but get reminded about war. Hiroshima. Nagasaki. Pearl Harbour….somehow I feel responsible even though me or my parents weren’t born then. 


Somewhere deep inside of me feels sadness. Deep deep sadness. 

My soul knows I was involved. I lived during the war time. I was there fighting for nothing. I did take part in the mass murder. I killed many innocent human beings. I was brain washed. I know I need to ask for forgiveness. My act – either willing or by order – affected many others. It is my dark side, dark past. I accept now and try to forgive myself. I will not allow any more unnecessary loss of beings. I will not take part of killing. 


Because we are all ONE. We are all connected. We cannot kill part of ourselves and think we are better than others. I just wish more and more would open their eyes and see the big picture. I wish we learn from past experience and grow as spiritual beings. This way, the loss of lives are not wasted. 


ps. This is my own candid opinion about the subject. I am not trying to start a debate or something. I hope you understand.