My partner. He supports me what I do. He does not question things I do. He just let me do it. It is very nice to have a person like that. He reads self-help books to better himself but he does not think he is a spiritual person. I am sure he is. He just does not see that way. 



I was trying to explain what reincarnation is, and I came up with a good explanation! 


Think our body as a computer. Computer hardware which has lots components working together. Empty computer without any software would be our body – just a container. We place a hard drive to make it work. Microchip in a hard drive would be our soul. We can replace microchip into other computer. Outer look is different but the foundation is the same. The soul can keep living but sometime we need to change our body. Physical body gives up but Soul lives on. We can upgrade adding more software (knowledge). 


Do you know the movie Terminator? 

The original Terminator got destroyed in the first movie. But he came back in the second. He reincarnated by the means of replacing his main microchip into another body. I told this to my partner and my son. I think this explains reincarnation, our body and soul well to those who do not really get it. 


Modern times require modern explanation?