As Above, So Below. 


We hear this sentence often. There are so many interpretations for this. Everyone takes different meaning according to what we need to know at a certain time. 


When I hear this, I get the relationship between the Mother Earth and the Universe. Above = The Universe. Below = The Earth. We are all connected to these two elements. We interact with the two all the time without knowing. We balance the energies from these two aspects. 


With Reiki, I used to focus on the Universal energy (which is Reiki is) flowing through me. More I do it, it becomes two hold. Not only I access the Universal energy, I now access the Earth energy. My chakra on my feet is open, I feel the energy from the Mother Earth coming through. So I had to say, currently, my healing modality is not “reiki” as such. It is evolved into something more. I cannot name it but I feel the energy I am accessing is different. Universal energy and Earth energy. These two combination feels wonderful. 


I do not know my interpretation is right or wrong. This is just for me. What I feel is totally different from what others feel. Please do respect that.