I went to see one of my favourite client. She trusts me to the extent, letting me do whatever comes to me. It is very nice relationship. We have such a wonderful time working together. Each time we come out with new discovery. We both benefit from our sessions. 


When I was working on her today, I had a vivid vision of me working on her before. I am sure I have been working on her, giving her healing for long time. It is not just this life time. We have had this relationship so many times. I was a healer working on this lady who seemed to be a priestess or some higher rank person. The sentence came to my head – “it is my privilege to work on you, your highness”. 


I am not a royalist. I never used the word ‘highness’ or ‘majesty’ or similar. This is something you hear on TV when The Queen is on! So hearing this sentence on my head is a surprise for me. Not something I can imagine  during the healing session. 


I told her what I heard. She agreed. She knew when we first met, we have had worked together before. I did not know what kind of relationship was till today. I was her healer. She was our highness. 


So many memories are coming back to me. As The Earth’s ascension speed up, our consciousness are awaken more and more.