I love the sound of monks chanting. 

I remember visiting temples in Japan and listening to monks chanting. I love the smell of incense. I love the stillness. I love the silence. I once wanted to be a monk. 


My grandma used to recite the whole prayer of by heart for my late grandfather who I never met. Every morning and night, she chanted. Whenever I stayed with her, I sit with her and I copied what she did – even though I did not know the words. 


My parents cannot recite the chant. So they use the tape you can buy from Buddhist shops. They play the “music” every morning and night. The prayer is our BGM for breakfast and dinner. 


I miss listening to the monk chanting. I asked my mother to send me a CD. Now in New Zealand, I play the CD  during my meditation. I would love to learn and recite it. It would be amazing to be able to chant like those monks. Maybe I should go into the mountain and train to become a monk. Who knows what I will be doing in the future.