Latest addition to my special table. Brass figure of White Tara.


I saw her at the shop and liked it instantly. I did not know much about Taras. I bought it because I liked it. A shop lady told me this is Green Tara. 


Then I got home and did some googling. I discovered the figure I brought home is actually White Tara, not Green.


According to the website

Green Tara is 

“generally shown seated on a lotus throne with right leg hanging down, wearing the ornaments of a bodhisattva and holding the closed blue lotus (utpala).”


White Tara is

“seated with legs crossed, holding a full-blown lotus. She is generally shown with a third eye. Tara is also sometimes shown with eyes on the soles of her feet and the palms of her hands (then she is called “Tara of the Seven Eyes,” a form of the goddess popular in Mongolia).”


It does not matter to me wether she is Green or White. She is just gorgeous! 

Once I started to know more about White Tara, this goddess somehow feels so familiar to me. I feel the connection. 

I noticed that I have eyes on my palms and feet. As I become more activated to my healing gifts and awake to my spiritual self, this realisation gets stronger. I use my hands for healing and feet to access the Earth energy. White Tara has eyes on her palms and feet. So do I! I feel humble and blessed with this similarity, and will invoke her when I do healing. I hope she will bring me extra boost!!


I know it was not an accident or mere chance that I found her in the shop. Everyday, special coincidence or messages come to my way. I keep my eyes (all 7 of them!) open and embrace every opportunity. Life is so exciting! 


More information on White Tara (and other 21 taras), see this website.