Today, I was getting the message “rebirth”. 


I did not think too much about the word I got in my head. But as the day went, the message became stronger. I think I might be going through re-birthing or transformation process…….


This morning I was listening to the audio recording on my mp3 on the way to my in-law’s place. The story was about Christmas – the birth of Jesus and rebirth for all of us here on the earth. I am not a christian and not really familiar with all the christmas stories. But the interesting part of this audio recording was that we are going through the birth (more like re-birth) process with the Earth ascension. We are to be re-born as our new vibrational beings. 


As we ate our lunch with my partner’s parents, we listened to the music – christmas songs by Frank Sinatra. It is still April, but somehow we were listening to Christmas songs! Weird timing. I thought……I listened christmas story this morning and now christmas carols…..weird. 


On the way home, we stopped by a crystal shop. One crystal caught my eyes.



This is my new addition to the crystal collection. Bornite also called Peacock Ore. 


You can find out about the meaning of this stone here.


One sentence draw my attention. 

“This is the stone of the rebirther. It assists one in integrating and bringing into unity the existing separation of emotions with intellect. Human is emotion and God is intellect. The Peacock Ore helps to remove the illusion that God and you are separate. Also, it casts out any ideas or thoughts which no longer serve you.”



It’s so exciting. The Universe was telling me about my re-birth, transformation, shift from old patterns to new ones, re-creation and renewal. I was receiving the message from all sorts of different means.


Messages come and go. We tend to miss those subtle nudges from the above. But the Universe keeps us informed in its unique way, and guides us to the place where we are heading. Bless.